AR in Engineering Education



This study aims to develop an advanced augmented reality (AR) system by integrating an AR system and a real-time tracking system. Lab experiments are critical parts of engineering education, and it is possible to revolutionize engineering labs to be self-paced learning by using AR technology. However, the current hand gesture interactions to communicate with AR devices have shown several limitations. Hence, in this study, we developed a location-based AR system by integrating a real-time tracking sensor and an AR device. This new AR learning system could reduce transition time between learning modules and improve learners’ interaction between the modules and an AR device.

To create an efficient AR environment, we used Microsoft HoloLens, which is the next generation of a see-through holographic computer. We developed the AR learning module: ergonomic guidelines for manual material handling (MMH). Our analysis includes a careful evaluation of student experimental skills during the learning activities. This new AR environment could allow students to engage hands-on training of MMH and strengthen their understanding. We compared the impact of students’ learning performance between an augmented reality (AR) environment and in-class environment. We found a significant improvement on student understanding of MMH lecture after they used the AR module. The findings of this study indicated the potential benefits of using AR environment interfaces in engineering education and training.


Selected Publications

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