Chatbot Design



Conversational agents or chatbots have great potentials in improving survey responses and accessibility. However, it is still a challenge for researchers without programming skills to create voice-enabled chatbots to conduct customizable surveys. This paper presents a new easy-to-use serverless survey chatbot system based on the existing TigerAware mobile survey platform, called TigerAware chatbot. This chatbot system enables non-technical persons to build and deploy customized surveys on mobile devices as text or voice-based conversations. The system is based on Dialogflow and Firebase Realtime database, supports voice input and social dialog, and provides visual responses for users to select answers among several options. The chatbots can be deployed on any iOS and Android mobile device and platform that support Google Assistant. Survey question types that have been implemented include yes/no, multiple-choice, free response, numeric entry, date/time picker, and scale. This system is more efficient and effective than existing survey chatbot systems.

Selected Publications

Guo, W., Zong, S., Chen, S., Zhao, F., & Shang, Y. (2021, October). Design and Implementation of a New Serverless Conversational Survey System. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Computer Application (ICDSCA) (pp. 358-363). IEEE.


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